Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bashville 5 - Photos and Video Clips

As can tell from this picture, the crowd at Bashville #5 was in force. This event just keeps getting better and better.

These aren't the best clips, but it will give you a feel of the energy in the building tonight. Check back and we will have more footage and results of the competition. We do know all Nashville crews were eliminated by the time we left.

This is a picture a B-Boy Nero Jones. He has been active and supportive of the Nashville B-boy scene for well over a decade. He was the official M.C. for the show, and oh yeah, he's representing Ethos Culture Magazine!

This is B-boy Dark Knight from Nashville's own Illville Crew. When Illville battled he was the first in the circle for Illville, and when he left that circle they were the crew to beat. He flat ripped it. And, he's rocking the fresh, Official Bashville #5 T-Shirt.

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