Monday, March 23, 2009

Bashville Highlights

Someone put together a highlight reel from Bashville 5. If you weren't there you missed some hot shit!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New KID CUDI - "SuperBoo"

Like we said before, we are feeling KidCudi. Here's his newest song "Super Boo."
And no, despite some rumors that floated for a short time ... he's not retiring from music.

Bashville 5 - Photos and Video Clips

As can tell from this picture, the crowd at Bashville #5 was in force. This event just keeps getting better and better.

These aren't the best clips, but it will give you a feel of the energy in the building tonight. Check back and we will have more footage and results of the competition. We do know all Nashville crews were eliminated by the time we left.

This is a picture a B-Boy Nero Jones. He has been active and supportive of the Nashville B-boy scene for well over a decade. He was the official M.C. for the show, and oh yeah, he's representing Ethos Culture Magazine!

This is B-boy Dark Knight from Nashville's own Illville Crew. When Illville battled he was the first in the circle for Illville, and when he left that circle they were the crew to beat. He flat ripped it. And, he's rocking the fresh, Official Bashville #5 T-Shirt.

Wick-It Rocking his Ethos Shirt

Wick-it did a show Saturday night at 12th & Porter. It was a show full of funk bands. The Dynamites, which is an incredible, Nashville funk and soul band from Nashville have a crazy, energetic live show. Here is a clip from a 2008 show at the Jazz Cafe in London.
The Dynamites play again next Saturday at Mercy Lounge, so don't sleep on that show.

Graffiti Action Shots at Rocketown

There were a lot of writers painting at Rocketown today (March 21, 2009). The artists got together on this day because of the large break dancing competition happening at the same venue ... you know, for even more street ambiance.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Clean Drips Art Exhibiton - video

Here's a little video footage from the "Clean Drips" show at Rocketown. It featured works from some of Nashville's best graffiti writers including Zew, AudRoc, Rago, Riet, Tier2, Haspe, Race1, Veto and Rex2. Filmed by Evan Adams.

Boom Bap - Bashville Afterparty

Boom Bap will be at Limelight this month to provide enough dance space for all the visiting b-boys. Word is ... no one will be breaking up the dance circles this month.

Bashville 5 - SATURDAY!

It's back. Go to this event.
More info/flyer posted below.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Night


It's on every other blog, so why not ours? Both versions of this song have been in heavy rotation at the Ethos Culture Magazine offices, and we're not sure which version we like better. We're leaning towards the original. Thank goodness the pendulum is finally swinging away from the current status of hip-hop music and towards guys like this.

DJ Mike Vulcan - debuts Ethos Magazine T-Shirt

Got a chance to hang with DJ Mike Vulcan, drum and bass, dub-step specialist and a resident DJ at Mashville (above). He's also a very talented tattoo artist. We hooked him up with an Ethos T-shirt. It's the first one we've given out, but I'm sure we're about to get a bunch of requests from many a homie.
Learn more about Mike HERE.

Felix Cartal - 12th & Porter - Friday

Ultimo is bringing the best in house music to Nashville again. This Friday night at 12th & Porter, Felix Cartel from Vanocuver, BC, Canada will be rocking it properly.
Check him out at Studio 69 in El Paso, Texas about two months ago. Check it at 3:34 when the crowd officially loses their collective mind!
Find out more about Felix HERE.

Race1 - Clean Drips Sneak Peak

Just got a picture of a brand new piece by Race1 that will be displayed at the Clean Drips Art Exhibition. It's shaping up to be a real good show.

See More Race1 artwork HERE.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Untitled Art Show - Friday

Come out and show support.
More info HERE.

Nike SB sale at Sixth Ave.

Look what we saw today. Looks like a deal.

Check the shoes at the very top. They are inspired by Family Guy character Quagmire.
Check out more HERE.

DJ Kids Meal - Scratch Practice

Be checking for his interview in the premiere issue of Ethos Culture Magazine. Kid is the truth. Notice the WorkForce Rebellion posters in the background. Learn more about Kids Meal HERE.

The Loser Movement

These guys are doing it. They help the scene here a ton, filming, editing and posting. This trailer features most of Nashville's best skaters and the best skate spots. You can get more info HERE.

SneakerCon 2009

I see this convention getting HUGE!

Graffiti Petey

Obviously Topps Trading Cards recognized graffiti's cachet early.
This is "Graffiti Petey" part of the first series of Garbage Pail Kids.
Release Date: June 1985
Artists John Pound and Tom Bunk did most of the illustrations for the card fronts. Look closer, seems Petey writes "Smut."
See way more GBK stuff HERE.

Franklin Skate Shop - Donny Mhyre

We were down in Franklin letting people know Ethos Magazine is coming. One of the guys who is fun to talk to, and down for his local skate scene is Donny Myhre owner of Franklin Skateshop. He hails from Florida, but now calls Franklin, Tenn. home, and he helps organize many of the contests in Williamson County.
Now ... some of you youngins might not actually realize who he is. Back when big ramps ruled (mid to late 80s) and being a "professional" skater was reserved for a select few, Donny was bad enough to hold a spot on one best brands/teams of the era Zorlac. He was crucial to growth of skating as a whole, but particularly in the South, seeing as he was one of the few pros from the South.
Whenever you head down to the Franklin Skate Park go check his shop out, it's within a mile of the park. Learn more about the shop HERE.

Donny holding down the shop.

Ads featuring Donny from Thrasher Magazine circa 1980-something.
Lots of other great Donny Myhre stuff HERE. Wish we could have found some video footage.

Donny Myhre Zorlac Pro Model. It's an alligator, and he's from Florida ... get it? The graphics were illustrated by artist Pusshead also famous for designing logos for Metallica and The Misfits.

Rex2 painting at Mashville/The End

This is another reminder that the Clean Drips Art Exhibition is March 17th at Rocketown. Rex2 and many other fresh artists will be participating. And, DJ Kids Meal, who made this beat, will be there doing his thing. Don't sleep.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bashville 5, Nashville's Only Real B-Boy Event

The trailer is from last year.

This will be the fifth year that B-boy Q-Kong from Ill Ville crew has organized and hosted this event. The whole Nashville b-boy scene (especially shorties coming up) and city in general benefits greatly from this event. They hold workshops and have an amazing, crew battle tournament. It brings a some of the best from b-boy culture to town. If you want to see some raw breaking in Nashville, it doesn't get better than this.

Bashville 5, Saturday, March 21, 2009
Rocketown, 401 6th Ave S, Nashville, TN

More infor HERE

Ethos Culture Magazine - Media Kit Graphic

People keep asking us, "What's Ethos going to cover?"
We give them a long drawn out answer, but nothing sums it up better than the graphic on the front of our media kit.

DJ Wick-It

We caught up with DJ Wick-It and talked music, DJing and many a conspiracy theory. If you've never seen him rock a party, you're missing out. And, he is a geniune, nice guy. You can look for the full story in the premier issue of Ethos that drops April 20, 2009.